Engaging Youth in Civic Life (EYCIL) – Al Ma’afer

  • Hold a discussion session (while ensuring social distancing measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19) for 50 youth (50% female) with local authorities and community leaders. The session will familiarize attendees on the importance of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2250 and involving youth in resolving conflicts, reconciliation, negotiation, and peacebuilding processes. The grantee will also establish a safe space, where participants can openly discuss the issues that are affecting youth and how to overcome them;
  • Train the 50 youth on conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation. At the end of the training, the participants will select an issue of their own choice, and develop a solution and an action plan for its implementation. The youth will put the skills gained from the training into practice to resolve a particular dispute between members
    of the community and/or neighboring communities. This activity will also involve documentation, which will lead to production of four educational short video clips, on conflict resolution and mediation. The participants will be exposed to the basics of the content creation for social media platforms.
  • Implementation of a field visit for 5 days to solve the communal conflicts using the skills acquired from training
  • A two-day workshop for 50 participants on how to build team and divide them into two groups to implement community activities, as well as how to prepare content on social media
  • production of four 1-minute-educational-videos
  • Implementation of 5 communal activities
  • Conducting Table Tennis Tournament for 16 female teams from 8 schools (2 teams e
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