Livelihood Improvement Project

The armed conflict witnessed in the country since March 2015 caused the collapse of the economic system, high unemployment rates and widening poverty. The Livelihood Improvement Project focused on building the capacity of young people in the field of humanitarian work. In getting jobs with international and local organizations.

Outputs: 5242 young men and women were trained in courses (sphere, field surveys, project proposal preparation, project management, monitoring and evaluation, financial and technical reporting, logistics management, project accounting, specialized translation for international and local organizations, criminal protection according to Yemeni legislation and international treaties and laws, in addition To provide training in fodder production and to provide 50 families on a regular basis in Bani Al Harith Directorate for the treatment of child malnutrition.

Period of the Project:  February 2018 to December 2018.

Implementing Partners: Centre for Economic and Social Development, Yemen Foundation for Social Surveillance and Development, organization without borders for Excellence.

Duration of the project:  March 5 –  June 6  2019