25 student youth activists (50% female) from targeted schools will be trained to educate peers and communities about exploitation, associated dangers, abuse, violence, and safe responses.

The technical report of the project titled “Safe Protection to Combat All Forms of Exploitation, Abuse, and Violence among Children” (SPCEAVC), in Sheikh Othman District, Aden Governorate.
Period from July to October 2023.

A training activity was conducted for 25 students (50% female), selected as young activists from targeted schools. The training aimed to educate them on all forms of exploitation, its dangers, abuse, violence, and safe ways to address such issues within the targeted schools, the training spanned five days and resulted in the achievement of the project’s goal: “Children and adolescents have significantly improved their awareness and become young activists in educating their peers and communities, equipped to handle potential risks of exploitation, abuse, and violence.” These young activists implemented individual and group educational sessions with their peers, families, and the wider society.